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A patio door that does not operate smoothly can result from a number of problems from wheel bearings seized or worn, track damage or shifting of the window frame. Never use oil to try and free up seized or sticky wheels as this will work for a little while but the oil will attract dust and dirt to the wheel which will cause the problem to return with a vengeance. Teflon spray or graphite is the lubricant of choice. If the wheels are beyond a quick fix of lubrication, replacement is necessary. At this time it is also advisable to examine the track. Often times a track looks fine but on closer inspection one will notice that it has mushroomed at the top causing it to be wider than it should be. Replacing the patio door wheels without addressing the track will lead to premature wear of the wheels.

In homes that the frame has shifted it is also necessary to adjust the wheels to accommodate the shape of the opening and sometimes the patio door itself needs to be cut down. If you are a DYI specialist we have many parts in stock. Bring in a sample so we can match it up. IF we don t have it in stock we will send it out for sourcing. Not a DYI enthusiast? We will also come to your residence to diagnose and provide a cost effective solution to you repair your patio door. Give us a call or email for more information.

We also supply handles for Patio doors and screens. Bring in a sample or send us a picture and indicate the distance between the screw holes.

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